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Organic Rodent Control

No side effects... Nada... Zip... nothing!

Ekomille - Rodent control without Side Effects!

This is one of the strongest and most innovative points of Ekomille. With the traditional method of rodent / pest control utilising poisons and other harmful substances that litters the environment and our atmosphere, we often neglect to think about the effect it has on our eco system and the serious health risks these substances pose to human and other non-targeted animals’ health.

Our revolutionary rodent-control sytem - Ekomille, targets only the rodent polulation - all of this without the use of poisons and/or other harmful substances.

The Ekomille unit traps rats and mice continuously and is highly effective in all types of enviroments and is easy to handle. The unit not only catches rodents, but also prevents colony build-ups and infestations.


Ekomille System - ecological rodent control, safe and sanitary for every environment.

Ideal for the Food Industry, Livestock Sector, hotels and sports centers, communities or neighbourhoods, children's play areas, parks, homes and developments, Hospitals and Public Buildings. Generally any environment where safety and hygiene constitutes a priority.

Thanks to its ISO certification (UNI EN ISO22000: 2005) the Ekomille System has become an indispensable tool for rodent control services in the local food industry, especially production companies that must conform to standards of quality and food security established by the Health Department. The protocols designed by Eko and Ekommerce endow a unique service system, and carries an insurance guarantee HACCP (HACCP).

Ekomille safely solves the problem of rat control in hospitals, communities, schools, country houses, public buildings and private companies.

The Ekomille System helps in preventing rodent infestations, contributing to integral Pest Control. It can be used indoors and outdoors, such as public parks, green spaces, gardens, outlying areas of business, etc.

How does it work?

The natural habitat of rodents (rats and mice) lends itself to a place where food and water is easily accessible; it is sheltered from danger and warm for breeding purposes. Let’s call this the SAFE ZONE.

They instantly captured while trying to eat. A highly sensitive electronic system ensures multiple and continuous captures.

Ekomille, does not use poisons or noxious substances, just natural baits that are not hazardous to small children or other animals. The system ensures maximum hygiene protocols since the remains of dead rodents are not dispersed in the environment because they remain inside.

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